Dancing on the perimeters of paranoia

Avoiding the plunge below the surface

Of the mouth’s edge

The dissolution

Of the embodiment

Of an all out tussle

Of the conscious

Constantly forsaking

the tango

Of the waltz it plays with reality

but is this real

Restate, initiate

The initial ending

That will endlessly be there

To doom and kingdom come

And after all that it has done

The depth, the danger, the disintegration

The conscious plays

If it remains


by the boundaries it is allowed to be placed in

Primitive being

Backlash to the relentlessness of the twists and


swings and


But what about the whereabouts

Of the rhyme and the reason

The lurking underneath

Of the bare bones minimum

the walking of the truth

the aching of the vision;

Lest we forget

the all important being

the sub to the conscious.

(The Undone)

The wrenching temptation of a nation

To power the speak

And break the bones of a society

So castes it be

Remain unfree(d)

No prison break

Only silence mistakes

Itself for contemplation

Not hesitation

Yet the truth remains seen

But a nation still bleeds (yet it barely breathes)

Yet a nation(s) still bleeds.



I Just Wanna Be Held (redraft)

I just wanna be held,

But not like any old song lyric

Nor any loosely woven rhyme.


Give me a reason

To want to be held.


I just wanna be held,

But not hailed like a haiku

Nor worshipped as a symbol




Give me a reason-

To want to be held.


I just wanna be held

But none of that cliché shit

Nor any sentinel syllable


I want to linger

In your touch, on your tongue, on your breath, on your lips…


I just wanna be held like the night holds the stars

like the oceans hold the waters

like the desserts hold the sands


I just wanna be held.

I just wanna be held.


I’m tired of living up to your expectations


Man all the stations

I’m going to take myself out of this box that

you so methodically put me in

That I so easily let you shut the lid on

Shared blame

Always the same

roundabout of emotions:

he loves me

he loves me not

he loves me

he loves me not

he loves me

he loves me not


Right in the bullseye of why I remain(ed)


Living this same shame

day after day

week after week

month after month

Remaining in this rut


up in my own self- blame, self- shame

Hate of oneself is an obstruction

Laying the pavement of self- destruction

An abduction of one’s soul

Never allowing oneself to be whole

To truly be who I want to be.

Short Musings

Some short musings of creativity that are bouncing round my head…


You will see me- if you look closely- in the darkness amongst the stars.

First and foremost, I need to look after me.

Are you strong enough?

Fight or flight?

What are you missing out on by letting your fear(s) rule you?

Take the leap.

Let’s fall in love,

even if it drives us mad.

“Let’s fall in love?”

“Even if it drives us insane?”

“I would rather sit in insanity with you than be sane without.”

Be present.